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The postgraduate programs at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts aim to enhance the knowledge, scholarship, cognitive and creative skills of our postgraduate students through a balance between academia, performance and composition studies. Our research strengths lie in the areas of music education, ethnomusicology, performance, music technology, composition and numerous areas of musicology. Postgraduate studies in Music Education train and develop the candidate in advanced approaches and methods of music education, research methodologies, experimenting with new teaching approaches, testing and validating effectiveness of approaches, assessing and evaluating implemented programs. Postgraduate studies in Ethnomusicology and Popular Music explore the issues and details of music in the context of social, political, and economic transformation through hermeneutics, semiotics and relativist epistemological methods. Performance and composition oriented studies may include practice-based artistic research which builds on the unique expertise and perspectives of musicians and composers concerning all areas of artistic practise. This may include performance ontologies, compositional processes or explorations of philosophy and aesthetics in music.

Our faculty tailors postgraduate programs to accommodate candidates with different aims for pursuing their degree. They are able to explore and deepen their knowledge of specific fields through a range or course work and supervised research. Candidates may select from three modes of study: 1) Full Research 2) Coursework and Research 3) Coursework. Candidates who are interested in developing diverse skills and knowledge in a specific field, such as Music Education, may enroll in courses on choir conducting, traditional music repertoire, marching band techniques, or audio digital studies, or may opt for the coursework mode. Candidates who have keen mind for discovering, solving, understanding and creating may wish to pursue the Coursework and Research mode. The Full Research mode is recommended for postgraduate candidates who have interest in, and capacity for, rigorous independent research methods.