The graduate programmes at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia, aims to enhance knowledge, scholarship, and the cognitive and creative skills of graduate students through research, performance and composition. Potential candidates can undertake studies in the areas of music education, ethnomusicology, performance, creative music technology, composition, performance studies, theatre and dance studies. Graduate courses in music education guide the candidate in research methodologies, advanced approaches and innovation in teaching and learning, assessment and evaluation, curriculum studies and pedagogical skills.

The graduate programmes in Ethnomusicology, Performance Studies, Dance Studies and Theatre and Drama explore issues and challenges related to identity, power, hegemony, gender, representation and heritage studies in music. Performance majors examine issues in performance technique, style and interpretation, while composition majors explore concepts in music composition.

Our faculty tailors its graduate programmes to accommodate candidates with different aims in pursuing their degree. Candidates may select from three modes of study:

Mode A (Research)
Mode B (Research & Coursework)
Mode C (Coursework)