Heritage, Performance and Education

Editors  : Clare Chan Suet Ching, Jean Penny
Price     : RM 35.00

Sustainability in Music and the Performing Arts: Heritage, Education, Performance brings together prominent researchers (ethnographers, academics and artist) to explore this crucial topics; to simulate new knowledge through diverse approaches to artistic sustainability, to open new horizons for thought, and to reveal new possibilities and pathways for further action and exploration. Multiple themes and perspectives range from developing sustainable futures and engaged arts communities, to ethnomusicological studies in Malaysia and Indonesia, unterculturalities in music performance, dance performance, instrument preservation through creative practice, multicultural education and forging connections between brain wave alanysis, sound and heritage.


1. Ecology and music research in the twenty-first century: Facing the challenges of diversity and sustainability in a globalised world
    Huib Schippers

2. Building Cultural Sustainability through Community Engagement, Participatory Approaches and Diversity
    Tan Sooi Beng

3. Unravelling Intercultural Knowledge Through Performative Contexts: A Flautist’s Perspective
    Jean Perry

4. Indigenous Semai Folktales Presented in Digital Media : Negotiating “Authenticity” and Innovations through Collaborative Fusion of Indigenous
    Agency and Academic Scolarship
    Clare Chan Suet Ching and Wesley Johnson

5. Sustaining Musical Heritage and Adapting to Change among the Kadazan Dusun of Tambunan, Sabah. Malaysia
    Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan

6. The Pipe Organ In Malaysia
    Andrew Blackburn

7. Early Music Identities Among the Kaili : An Educational Approach to Applied Ethnomusicology in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
    Mohammad Amin Abdullah and Mayco Santaella

8. Wayang golek ruatan : is “heritagisation” at stake?
    Sarah Andrieu

9. Attitudes and Practices of Malaysian General Music Teachers Towards Multicultural Music Education
    Wong Kwan Yie, Pang Kok Chang, Shahnum Mohd Shah

10. Shifting Sands: The Complex Science of Permanence